Friday, June 11, 2010

Christopher John Parini

Hi everyone! Just wanted to announce to all those that we have a new addition to the family!
His name is Christopher John Parini.
He came into this world at 7 lbs and 2
oz, and 19 inches.
He has dark hair with light colored eyes. Chris has a great set of lungs and is healthy. We actually don't know if we will call him Chris, CJ, or Christopher. These are all great names and nick names and
so it will just have to evolve over time. I will stop my chatting and just show the pictures because that is what everyone wants to see.
Even Karli got to see the new born Christopher and was interested in her new baby brother. I don't think that she quite understands that we are keeping him, but I know that she will be a great big sister. We are all doing great and excited that we have this great new blessing in our lives.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I thought that since this semester is coming to an end, I would talk a little about I have been doing. I was part of a program here at BYU-Idaho that is part of my Business Major called IBC, which is short for Inter Business Core. We have eight short weeks in the semester to think of a company, go in front of bankers and/or inverters to get a loan to start up our business and then run it successfully. Then we close it down a week before finals and make sure that we don't have any loose ends. This was no easy task. Then on top of that we still had normal classes with the traditional homework assignments. Even though this was a hard task, I wouldn't change it for the world. My company was called Off the Wall. We specialized in custom home dicore, in other words we customized vinyl and canvas prints. I mostly worked in Human Resources, Scheduling, and streching of the canvas on the frames. The great part of it was that we were very successful on campus as well as off and in our last week we brought in over $3000 in sales. We were also able to pay off our debt to the bank with in 3-4 weeks from the day we were open for business and we still had people coming to purchase more. I have to say this isn't half bad for 23 students. Here is a small video to show what we did.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Karli's 2nd Birthday

This is my very first blog so I thought that I will tell you about my little girl. Her name is Karli Parini and just had her 2nd Birthday today and she had a lot of fun. She got to watch one of her favorite movies in the morning while I was at school. Then she had her doctor check up and everything went well. She then took a nice long nap, mom was happy about that. Then we had hotdogs and chips for dinner. Karli then played with her new basketball hoop that Grandma got her. Infact she has been playing with that all day off and on. Her Nana got her a dress, and shirts for the spring plus a book. Finally before she goes to bed we will have icecream and have her blow-out her candles.